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Welcome To Visions Virtual Shopping Mall

Welcome to Visions Virtual Shopping Mall X Intimate Icandi LLC. Our virtual shopping mall is a collective of small business artisans. We welcome you to browse and shop. Virtual Malls are now becoming the future with one stop shopping at your fingertips. At Visions we have a variety of up-and-coming entrepreneurs in fashion opening up virtual shops and boutiques featuring menswear, womenswear and accessories. In addition, we have Health, Beauty and Interior Decor shops and boutiques opening as well. VVSM is steadily growing in the fashion, & lifestyle brand business. We network & collaborate with a host of up-and-coming fashion designers to bring you the latest looks. We also engage in cross promotion to helps in getting word out to the masses. At Visions Virtual Shopping Mall, we pride ourselves on being trendsetters not followers. Our fashion bloggers help make our job easier by predicting the hottest new looks in fashion. Our shops and boutiques have exclusive styles in Ready to Wear, Swimwear, Lingerie, Streetwear and more. Our health & beauty boutiques have handmade soaps, bath bombs, body scrubs and more. Our home goods shops feature uniquely designed interior décor and decorative pillows. So be sure to check out ALL of our shops and boutiques in just a few clicks!  You never know... at VVSM you may even find some unique items at a fraction of the cost without losing the quality that you've come to expect.


Don't just with a purpose; our virtual mall is also a hub for startups who have great ideas but may otherwise fall through the cracks due to lack of mentoring, funding or education in business. When you make a purchase a portion of the proceeds go toward helping VVSM to mentor and sponsor a new entrepreneur's virtual shop by funding the startup cost for their small business. If you are interested in seeing what our virtual mall has to offer; check out our shops & boutiques. 

We welcome you to join us on this amazing journey of  small business artisans as we grow our virtual mall.  Thanks for your support. 

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