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PillOh's & More Interior Design & Decor

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About Us

Welcome to PillOhs & More.  We are an interior design & decorating consulting company. We also manufacture, wholesale and retail our own uniquely designed interior accessories to compliment your home.   It's the perfect love triangle where fashion design meets interior design with a splash of creativity called decor!. 

Our designers have over 20 years in the fashion, interior designing & decorating business. Therefore, we know that by minimizing clutter, strategically utilizing dead space, and adding unique accessories can enhance any home and transform it beyond your wildest dreams. 

We specialize in creating moods and new attitudes for our clients; from the extravagant to the minimalist. 

At PillOhs & More we are sure to have something that you will love. Visit each of our departments to see what 

we have to offer from our diverse designers &  creators.

Check out our 

  Luxury Style,  Glam,  Spiritual, Cultural, Kids Korner ,PersonalizedNovelty, & Special Occasion pillows.

 We design and manufacture our own ID decor & accessories to assist in styling, Wondering what are ID accessories? They are simply decorative and or functional items that add the finishing touches to a room to enhance its style and mood.

This allows us to be unique and offer exclusive custom items not found anywhere else.


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